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Thursday, May 2, 2013

First Newborn Baby Boy Celebration!


Celebration? Not actually a celebration much, just giving some presents for a first newborn baby. It's baby boyyy~ Made in Malaysia, said my officemate. kekeke

Congratulation to Dr Rory & Mdm Effie! Hope Aris (baby boy) will be a good, handsome and intelligent boy in future.

1 Malaysia? Nope. 1 Earth! lol 

Me & sleepy looks. keke
Just Porf. Megat (supervisor) is not around. huhuuuuu.

What i made for them?? Let's see~

One family memo clip topper! 

"Rory + Effie + Aris" 
Memo clip is out of order for a moment. Once i get some stock, will let you all know on facebook page (sidebar).